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About The Nail Scholarship Foundation

Parents strive to provide for the needs of their children, especially when it involves their education. Yet, for some families, there will always be financial struggles. This is where The Nail Scholarship Foundation comes into the picture. We help parents achieve the dreams they have for their children by providing scholarships for students of any age who wish to attend college.

Our Mission and Vision

The Nail Scholarship Foundation is focused on providing high-quality education by granting valuable scholarships and providing technology as well as other resources to help fulfill the pursuit of a college education.

Our History

The Nail Scholarship Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded on April 10th, 2012 by Christopher Nail. The foundation was named after his mother, Martha Nail, a retired public school teacher who taught for over 37 years in the Dade County Public School System.


Being a Nail Scholar really saw me through times when I though I wouldn't be able to finish school. The scholarships always helped whether it was towards books or tuition. I graduated with honors and the Nail Scholarship definitely contributed towards that being possible.

I heard about the Nail Scholarship in high school when I was looking for scholarship opportunities. I applied and was selected. Everyone at The Nail Scholarship is so invested in its participants. Not only did I receive the scholarship awards, but I received a long time mentors and friends who really care about students and their goals.

My future goals are to attend Georgetown University for their Alternative Medicine master's program for two years and then continue on to medical school.

Thank you.

- Lady Nwadike

Entering college with dreams and goals of becoming a lawyer is often not enough. The Nail Scholarship Foundation helped me to pursue my academic dreams and come closer to fulfill my ultimate goal. Coming across the Nail Scholarship foundation was an opportunity that I will forever be grateful for. Mr. Nail not only provided me with the tools to help fund my academic career but also to continue dreaming. Finally graduating this spring with a degree in International Relations and Political Science at Florida International University, I am one step closer to entering law school thank's to the unconditional support provided to me by Mr. Nail. I am a testament of Mr. Nail's passion and willingness to assist others. The Nail Scholarship Foundation gave me an opportunity of a lifetime.

Thank you.

- Anabel Guevara